Opening Your Third Eye

Opening Your Third Eye

Discussing how to Open your third eye is a terrible way to start this article as it suggests you actually have a third eye. You do not actually have one, and we have got stuck with this concept as way of describing clairvoyance. So let’s begin by clear up a few facts.

What is the third eye meant to be ?

The third eye is theoretically located in your forehead. If you pay attention to the energies whilst being clairvoyant you might feel sensations there. This gives rise to the idea that there might be some sort of extra eye that people overlook. No there isn’t.

You are an energy being. You sense energies in all directions. You can do this with or without a human body, its brain and in particular a non-existent third eye.

However, when focused in your human form, you now have to process senses, in this case through your human brain.

When your human brain is processing visual energy impressions, this is often done with the frontal lobe of your brain. Processing these energies sometimes causes sensations near the front of your head and gives rise to the notion that there might be an eye there. Whereas, it’s just a processing centre.

How do you then open a non existent eye ?

Let rephrase the question; how do you get clairvoyant visual impressions ?

This is actually quite simple; you just pay attention to the raw energies around you and allow this to become visual impressions in your human mind.

Obviously staring with your eyes is not therefore going to help as you will not really need their physical vision at that moment. That is why shutting your eyes can be helpful. With practice you can learn to leave them open and ignore their input.

How do you tell the difference between clairvoyant impressions and imagination ?

Practice and more practice.

Here is an analogy, modern surgery has allowed people who have been blind all their lives to see again. However, it typically takes people who have had their sight switched on years to learn how to recognise everything they are seeing. Similarly you have to learn what energy impressions mean.

To tell the difference between higher energy impressions and the imaginings supplied by your special effects team, just learn to differentiate between the energy signatures. Or put another way, the feel of it. The two are different and you can tell the difference.

Don’t rush the process !

Well, try if you like and then you can post a comment to this blog explaining how the next sentence is pretty accurate. If you try to rush the process you will overload your human mind and it will respond by shutting down.

Here is another analogy, most animals prefer to open their eyes in the dark or gentle light. Puppies and kittens are a good domestic example. Similarly your guiding spirits will try not to overload you to begin with. It is a simple way of producing better end results.

See your real self

When you first start to pay attention to the real you, it is often hard to see it clearly. The energy is so strong you can only do so gradually. Hence it can all be very hazy at first.

You will also notice that instead of getting sensations predominately in your forehead, it is the top of your head which responds most. Could that be a second non-existent third eye. Not really, the energy of the real you focuses on a slightly different processing centre in your human brain.


To summarise; don’t worry about opening a third eye or not. Learn to tell the difference between higher and lower energy inputs. Opening the third eye is just an expression which refers to seeing energies without physical eyes.

Follow the instructions in The Great Simulator Books and DVD and have fun.