Sharing Your Experiences

Sharing Your Experiences

Do you find that there are often occasions where you want to be able to talk about your spiritual experiences, but you are concerned the person in front of you might think you are a deranged fool, or worse ?

So think about it, what is the basic problem that arises ?

You might say to someone; “I talk to my guiding Spirits”.

People who are in the early stages of spiritual development training will tend to think “how ?” and “I want to do that”. Whilst most other people tend to think you are fooling yourself.

Why is this ?

The simple answer is that people do not relate well to things they have not experienced.

Though strangely, if you appear to come from a far away country, wear unusual clothes and have an obscure accent, your claim becomes more credible. Conversely, if you wear normal clothes and speak normally, you are less likely to be believed.

This is because, for the most part, human beings are having similar experiences. Your claim will appear unlikely to most people because this is not something they are experiencing.

So how are you going to share your wonderful experiences ?

The answer is to share your skill and insights. If you can connect to your guiding spirits, you can connect to anyone’s guiding spirits. People are interested in what their guides might have to say about them.

If you are a practicing medium this is obviously nothing new, and people are probably willing to pay you money for doing so.

If you are still only learning how to be mediumistic, you may not feel confident enough to try. But, in principle you should. Obviously some situations will be better than others. Trying to link with your, or anyone else’s guided in the middle of an argument is going to be difficult. On the other hand, in the middle of a relaxed conversation, is much more likely to work.

What’s more, you will often be surprised that you can get better helpful insights into other people’s lives than you can get for your own. Get used to this fact, it takes a while to work through this stage of your development.

But why is this ?

When you are asking questions about your life, you tend to have your own opinion about what the answer should be. By comparison, in the case of a stranger, you will be much less conditional. So you are likely to be far more accurate and insightful.

This means, that if you practice your mediumistic skills on strangers, you accelerate your development.

Better still, because you are sharing your connection with other people, they are far more likely to respond favourably. You then have a much better opportunity to share your own spiritual experiences.

Though watch out, as soon as you get proficient at linking with other people’s guiding spirits, everyone will want your insights, at all hours of the day or night.

Practice your natural skill by following the instructions in The Great Simulator Books and DVD and have fun.