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Accessing the earth plane

Get This The Correct Way Round

A human mind might imagine that its goal is to re-establish a good connection with its higher-self, guiding spirits, astral world, etc. In many ways this is true.

However, from the perspective of, for example, the guiding spirits who engineered the creation of that human, it's the other way round. The guides would like to gain greater access to the human consciousness they have created. Hence, be able to manifest more efficiently in the human vehicle they have engineered, and thus access the Earth Plane.

It's therefore helpful if the human mind recognise that, it's guiding spirits, hence higher-self, are trying to access this earthly mind. Similarly, it's helpful if the human mind was more aware of how the technology which enables this, actually works.

A Fuller Understanding

Important Communication Advance

Take a simple analogy. Human beings now enjoying the fruits of amazing advances arising from the harnessing electricity. Homes are lit with electric light, and human beings can communicate with each other using telephones and the internet. Electricity always existed, but only in the last 100 years has it significantly been harnessed. Now you have communications access with nearly everyone you know via mobile phones, websites, email, video calls, etc.

The Astral World has similarly always existed. But for earthly humans, communication with anyone or anything in the Astral World, has up till now been problematic. For example, a typical person will have experienced great difficulty contacting deceased relatives, etc. However, recent improvements in the understanding of how to communicate with beings in the Astral World is changing everything. The internet has changed the way you live, now Astral Technology is doing it again.


Technology is an expression that often sits uncomfortably in non-scientific people's minds. So think of it this way; you can use a computer device because the technology has been made very user friendly. The McCready & Associates team understand the advanced Astral processes which make it possible for you to be psychic and similarly do Astral Projection. The technology you will work with is presented in a user friendly way so that you can easily make practical use of it.

An analogy would be that; you don't need to know much about electricity to operate a light switch. But you do at least need to recognise what a light switch is and does. By comparison, someone living 200 years ago would not recognise a light switch, and without instruction, not be able to use one.


The human mind gets excited at the prospect of having access to amazing higher beings, spirit guides, etc. However, the human mind is not actually in charge of what it ultimately gains access to. Whilst this may at first appear irksome and annoying, it's important to deal with typical fundamental misunderstandings at an early stage. Your human form is like a light bulb which wishesto be bright, but any illumination depends on:

1. The presence of an energising electrical force.

2. The light bulb being receptive to that electrical force; i.e. let it in.

Fundamentally, ACCESS is all about the spirit world having access to the human forms on the Earth Plane.

You Are NOT Here

Whilst a human form produces a very convincing impression of being alive on the Earth Plane, you are only experiencing it, and you will not die when that human form eventually wears out and dies. The real you has created many higher aspects of itself, some of which are referred to as guiding spirits, and your objective is to enable more of those higher aspects to be able to manifest thorough your human form. Accordingly, your objective is to get your human form to grant greater access to the guiding spirits, etc.

Access To The Earth Plane

From the perspective of the Astral World, a human body will often to spend most of its life appearing to run on automatic. The automatic function runs so seamlessly that the human mind will initially barely notice that it has no Free Will of its own, and that it's not an independently functioning entity. You are seeking to make what is otherwise an automaton, more dynamic, and enable it to manifest more of the higher you. However, because of the automaton's perception of independence, it effectively forgets that it could give you considerably more access.

Inspiration For Change

In order to get the automaton's, or human forms attention, you have given it challenges it cannot easily resolve, unless it allows greater access to expert guiding spirits who can resolve those challenges.

New Perception

This article is designed to give your human form a fresh perception on what is occurring. Whilst it might wish for an angelic being to give it the next winning lottery numbers, that will rarely be your intention. The human form is open to granting higher beings access to it, but predominantly on the human form's terms. Whereas, what you, and the guiding spirits you created want, will sometimes differ from what a human mind might wish for.

Greater Access

If the human form could better recognise what you actually want to do, then it would have considerably more chance of assisting you to manifest more of your higher abilities through it. Giving the human form proper access to the Astral World enables it to, for example, discover how other being on other planets have thrived by enabling greater access.

ACCESS Technology

The human mind reading these words is being helped to understand that if it paid more intention to what its creator, and that creator's guiding spirits, wished for, then everyone would benefit from an improved relationship. Similarly, if the human form noticed what made it easier for guiding spirits with amazing practical skills to manifest at the Earth Plane level, then that greater ability would help the human form solve its earthly challenges.

The technological understanding would make the greatest immediate advance, is the science of breathing properly.
The human forms don't comprehend that if this particular light switch was pressed more often, they would all enjoy wonderful upgrades.

There are a great many useful things to learn, and the McCready & Associates team were created to help.

The technological understanding would make the greatest immediate advance, is the science of breathing properly.

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