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Everything in our books is based on universal truth that anyone can validate for themselves. The unique feature is that we have assembled a great many universal truths in one place. Many of themwere barely recognised by earthly humankind before we helped bring them to your attention. By putting the many truths together, you will see a much bigger picture.



Higher awareness and astral projection are in many ways aspects of each other. Higher awareness involves refocusing your consciousness in locations such as the astral world. Our books take you through simple steps that enable various forms of astral projection, and therefore access to higher awareness.



A key objective is to avoid anything that involves mysticism, where you are asked to believe things you cannot check for yourself. We show you how things really work, and development exercises you can perform which boost your natural higher awareness. If you would like further support in the form of 1-2-1 training, we will help you with that too.

The Great Simulator

parts 1 & 2

It's often suggested that the world you are experiencing is actually an illusion, or some sort of matrix. If your use astral projection, you can transcend the illusion of see what is really going on.

This book explores how the illusion is generated, and where you really are.

For the purpose of self-validation, the book also contains a series of exercises which help you learn how to successfully astrally project yourself. By this means you can see the truth for yourself.

The Great Simulator

part 3

Part 3 of the book gives you fascinating further details about how the illusion is generated.

It shows you how your dislike of many things you encounter on the Earth, actually has the effect of keeping you earthbound.

It also demonstrates how you are actually a very advanced beings that's trying to be self-aware and manifest true free will in a frontier low dimension illusory world. Properly understanding this revolutionises your abilities.

Real Alien Worlds

a brief encyclopaedia

If you ever wondered what life on other planets can be like, this is your chance to find out.

The universe you are experiencing is fundamentally an illusion, in the same way that the Earth you are experiencing is also an apparently real illusion. Accordingly, it's possible to navigate around the greater illusion using astral projection.

By this means we carried out a 2 year research project to explore a useful sample of other worlds anyone can astrally reach. When you do reach them, they are as real as the earth you are currently experiencing.

In the process of this exploration we were able to meet and interact with a wide variety of beings. Read all about it in this fascinating book.

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