Enhanced Natural Ability

Everyone possesses natural intuition. Most people rarely develop it to its full potential. When you do develop this natural ability, it's like having an amazing app that you can switch on whenever you want.

Upgrade Your Mental Software

Energies such as auras already exist, and seeing them is determined by whether or not your human mind is programmed to do so. A few lucky human beings come preprogramed to see these things, whereas most are not. Most human minds have to be reprogrammed to sense and see energies properly. It's very similar to getting a "software update". Or for the technophobic; getting physically trained.

Physical Training

Seeing energies is achieved by physically sensing them. Everyone senses energies to some extent, such as another person's joy or happiness. It is therefore only a question of learning to detect initially subtler sensations. This simply involves practicing sensing the subtle energies your human mind would otherwise have overlooked. We help you recognise what you need to learn to sense.

Sensing Into Vision

With normal physical vision; human eyes detect light, those perceptions are then converted into electro-chemical signals and sent to the brain for interpretation. The human brain does not actually see anything but imagines a replica of what it perceives. Similarly, bat's brains can convert audio perceptions into a visual model of caves and dark places, even though they do not actually see them. Thus a human brain can see energies though subtle physical sensations, even though such energies are not within the visible light spectrum and observable by eyes.


Seeing auras is a great example of how you can gain additional information about the people and the world around you. This psychic ability allows you to see and understand the energies driving a person's life and experiences. You can see how they are in the present and also get an impression about the experiences they have had in the past or future.

Mind Reading

Most human beings are trying to positively impress other human beings. The simple result is that we all get curious about how other people perceive us. Even if you do occasionally notice you are only experiencing a human life, you will still want to know what other human forms are thinking. Using your Psychic Mind APP you can sense being inside another person's consciousness and hence pick up some of their thoughts. This is a skill you should give yourself permission to have.


Sensing your own destiny is initially not easy because your human mind will tend to seek both the answers it wants, and justify its own fears. But if you breathe properly you can set such distractions aside. We train you to notice what you are creating, because ultimately you are the author of everything that occurs even though it is mostly manifested through the people around you. Whilst this at first appears confusing as other people may seem independently driven, you are actually influencing their behaviour in ways you will not have imagined. The world appears very different once you observe the influences the real you is actually having upon it. It's time to discover the destiny you are creating.

Breathe Properly

The one thing which makes sensing all these subtle energies much easier is breathing properly. For example, if you are trying to sense someone else's thoughts, it is unhelpful if your mind is cluttered with garbage. By learning to breathe properly your mind will be clearer and your senses much sharper. Hence, it becomes far easier for your brain to notice the subtle energies it previously ignored.

Psychic Mind APP Training

This is very straight forward but takes time and practice. You simply learn how to sit straight and breathe properly. As you get used to sitting straight and breathing properly, you will find that you can indeed sense non-physical energies. Our training programme then guides you upon what to notice:

Reading our training literature gives you a good understanding.

Watching and working though the videos takes you through the processes.

1-2-1 training sessions identify beginners mistakes and answer your questions.