You Can Easily Visit Alien Worlds Astrally

Any world you might experience, such as the Earht Plane (deliberate spelling), is fundamentally an illusion which has been created within the Astral World. So once you relearn the natural skill of Astral Projection, you can in principle visit any world that has been created within the Astral World. All such worlds are, like the Earht Plane, illusory. Yet when you visit them, you will also find that they are as apparently real as the Earht Plane.

To help guide you upon some fascinating advanced worlds you can visit, we have prepared a brief encyclopaedia for you.Non-fiction: Paperback and eBook

Breakthrough Contact

Early 21st century human beings have been developing in relative isolation from the rest of the universe. Even some early human civilisations such as the Mayans, appear to have enjoyed better interactions with alien visitors than, for example, any 20th century western civilisation. So whilst many advanced alien species have visited the Earth, before the early 21st century there has been very little interaction between human beings and advanced aliens. However, now that some human beings are gradually demonstrating proficiency in advanced Astral Projection, advanced alien civilisations are interacting with them astrally. Furthermore, advanced aliens have astrally inviting proficient humans to visit their otherwise unreachable worlds. By this means a breakthrough contact with advanced alien civilisations is now occurring.


Souls can manifest on different worlds and in different forms. Almost every soul that is currently manifesting as a human on the Earth, has also manifested on some other world. Yet until now, human minds have not been able to recover most of these latent memories because of the energetic containment field which substantially prevents them from doing so. To help transcend this energetic barrier to recalling other lives, the encyclopaedia is designed to reconnect you to these other lifetimes. Reading the encyclopaedia's contents is designed to assist your human mind to rediscover your enlightened heritage.

Soul Friends

The fact that your human manifestation is reading these words, is a confirmation that from a soul perspective, you want to create a very unique, insightful and capable human manifestation. Merely drawing from the existing pool of human capability is not enough to create a human manifestation that will truly stand out. To accomplish your objective, your soul friends who are manifesting on more advanced worlds, are creating a connection with your current human manifestation that will allow radical new abilities to be downloaded.

New Personality

It might be tempting for a reader to imagine that if he or she could rediscover some, hitherto lost, more advanced version of themselves. By which means a great deal of current earthly challenges could be solved. Instead the way forward is more ingenious. The reader is connected to many advanced alien lifetimes, and components from these lifetimes are available for integration into a new more aware personality for you to live through. Therefore, you are being given the option to draw upon a greater pool of resources with which to upgrade your current human form.

Encyclopaedia Contents

The encyclopaedia contains unique insights into the worlds and lives of dozens of advanced alien species. It gives you a feel for many aspects of their day-to-day lives. It demonstrates how life forms such as human beings have been created on a number of independent worlds. It reveals how alien species are in many ways responsible for a looped system of generating new worlds and the life forms on them. Overall, you will acquire a significantly enhanced perspective of the universe you are experiencing life in.

Potentially Forbidden Knowledge

Note that some human forms are not sufficiently advanced to read a book such as this. Even those who are, often find it energetically demanding because of the cutting edge energetic awareness it connects you to. Reading this book in the early 21st century gives you a good practical understanding of what forbidden, or potentially forbidden, knowledge is like.

The Bigger Connection

Your current human manifestation has been born into a world full of technology that has the ability to both connect and isolate you; i.e. How many people do you see staring into their phone instead of interacting with each other ?

In order to restore the balance, human beings need a more dynamic way of interacting with each other.

A defining feature about the advanced alien worlds you will be connecting with, is that the inhabitants have long ago transcended staring into phones and computers all day.

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