The Great Simulator Parts 1 & 2 - paperback - Original 1st Edition - USA customers only


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This is the increasingly rare 1st Edition of the book. When its gone, you will only be able to get the latest 3rd Edition.


The Best Selling Spiritual Development Book. Printed in the USA
> This is a book you need to read.
> A vital step in your self-realisation journey.
> Identifies many of the simple errors you have been making.

Helps you remember:
> What you are.
> Where you are.
> What is actually occurring.

The world you are experiencing is designed to be give you a compelling experience which convinces you that you are a human being. However, to access your higher abilities, you need to observe that you are actually experiencing an illusion. Imagining this changes nothing, in fact it delays your progress.

The reality of what you are is vastly different from your initial sense of human identity. So different that you had to leave yourself wake-up reminders such as this book. Without these reminders you will continue to make simple mistakes that block your higher awareness.

You created the life you are experiencing. Now you are experiencing the result of your creativity. Your plan was to create an existence where you would have to rediscover what you really are. In the process of which you will take control of your destiny.

Read this book...... It is a vital step in changing your life...... For the better.

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This rare first edition of the Great Simulator is only available for delivery to customers in the USA, whilst stocks last. When its gone you will only be able to get the third edition.


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