1-2-1 Training

Learning to access the Astral World is in many ways like learning to fly an aeroplane. So having an instructor beside you is the obvious way forward.

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"This is a really big breakthrough for me, Thanks David, Thanks Guides :-)"

Zoltan Miklos




Everyone is unique, and therefore will benefit from support that is optimised to your particular needs.



Having an instructor beside you removes huge amounts of unnecessary guesswork. You will be shown what to do and quickly succeed.



All beginners make simple mistakes. Having someone show you were you are making mistakes eliminates lots of the frustrations.

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You could be enjoying expert

1-2-1 training.

You can do it online anywhere in the world if you can't make it to our studio.


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Astral projection, clairvoyance which includes seeing auras, a good link to your guiding spirits, and access to real free will, are skills that have to be relearnt.

You have probably already read about these skills in books and watched a videos on the subject. You will already have encounters the challenges of learning on your own. By now you will already know thatrediscovering these skills from first principles is challenging.

People who have reached these website have generally been trying to enable, or significantly improve, these skills for some time. You are already aware that getting expert 1-2-1 training is the next step forward.

1-2-1 training involves sitting with you, and practicing the techniques that enable these abilities. In particular, getting your breathing right. This is because breathing properly is the key to re-enabling higher abilities.

Most people already know that better breathing is important, but have not been trained in exactly how to get it right. Mastering this vital skill necessitates being given crucial feedback upon what you are getting right, and what your next improvement is.

Another advantage of 1-2-1 training is that you practice things like astral projection with your instructor, instead of trying it on your own. The two of you go to the same astral locations at the same time. You therefore have the opportunity to see the same things and compare notes on what you are seeing. These are physically tangible activities. It soon becomes apparent that it is indeed similar to getting flying lessons.

The books and videos offered to you on this website will considerably aid your advancement, but there is no need to try and achieve everything on your own. So why not stop wasting time and just get the expert training you deserve. Feel free to contact us so that you can confirm the substantial improvements you will enjoy.