David McCready


David has a background in structural engineering and a lifetime interest in the invisible forces that drive the human world. Approximately 20 years ago David began working as a psychic and clairvoyant. It soon became apparent to him that being able to see into people's lives and future was not of itself sufficiently rewarding. He felt a strong motivation to help people make their lives altogether better and more exciting. It also became apparent that one of the principle sources of inspiration was other people higher-selves.

Psychic Elvis [A.K.A Elvis Garnham]

One of the very few who has been trained to the required standard for advanced Astral work.

Elvis is a highly energised individual with a great deal of creative passion for solving practical problems. Since a young age he has been interested in the Astral World and similar explorations. Elvis loves a good fight, so if you have a demanding challenge and want support, he will not shy away. Elvis is currently on the hunt for his soul-mate and thus is an eligible capable and sensitive marriage prospect. This one time opportunity for a lucky girl is expected to be snapped up soon.

Francesca Cassini

Francesca is an expert in expanding both your imagination and your intuition. She has had over 20 years professional experience working as a clairvoyant and intuitive. In order to give you the necessary experience of undergoing deep internal transformation, she has adopted a nomadic lifestyle to prove that you can flourish even if life has, to all practical purposes, stripped you naked. The particular expertise she now brings forth is releasing the necessary imagination you will need when you too find it necessary to reconstruct your lifestyle when unexpected changes are offered or thrust upon you by the universe.