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In the Astral World there are many locations that offer the earthly equivalent of academes. If you visit them, advanced beings will teach you many interesting and exciting things.It's just a case of knowing how to astrally show up for classes. McCready & Associates are here to get you to your classes.

Insight From The Future

If you look into the Earth's future you will find spiritually advanced communities with their own schools and colleges, that have spiritual development and technology on the curriculum. Whereas, in the early part of the 21st century, people were luck to find anyone who could teach them basic skills such as breathing properly and Astral Projection. Going forward you will find schools where such rudimentary skills are taught to infants. So at this time you need to look to the future and draw guidance about what is both possible and will be achieved.

Strategic Advancement

Education is one of the key advances that makes modern societies flourish and progress. We recognise that it is essential for everyone to be able to read, write, and perform mathematical computations. It is also clear that a global common language assist the communication of advances; hence everyone is progressively adopting English words and Islamic numerals. Similarly, there is obvious advantage in learning the universal language of telepathy. When you communicate with other beings in non-human form this is the language you primarily have to use. So if you and your children wish to be properly educated, this must form part of the curriculum. Advanced beings can do it, and it is time for most human beings to make this advance.

Astral Academies Not Physically Present

On Earth, you can go to a building, such as a collage, to learn and practice skills. You can also probably learn the same things if a teacher set up a classroom in the middle of a field. All that is important is that some type of training forum is arranged. However, such training forums are physical Earht Plane (deliberate spelling) arrangements.

Whereas, Astral Academies are actually located in the Astral World. To attend such academies obviously requires being able to reach them. So whist you could affix a placard saying "Astral Academy" upon the outside of any Earth building, or field, the real training does not occur upon the physical level, it occurs astrally.

The spiritual advancement you are seeking is substantially delivered via the Astral World. Any Earthly outpost of an Astral Academy is merely a training centre through which you get access to the Astral World's academes.

Better Astral Projection

At the beginning of the 21st century, the vast majority of Astral Projection training used the Heavy approach (see main menu). The fundamental handicap of heavy projection is that getting it to work relies on sending the physical body to sleep whilst keeping the mind awake. The result is that most people attempting this approach fall asleep or get lost in a lucid dream. Furthermore, a heavy astral body is happiest in the world of dreams and earthly gravity. So whilst it can "fly" it tends to return to astral mini-worlds close to the Earht Plane.

If you want to visit higher dimensions, a heavy astral body has to be jettisoned. You can jettison a heavy astral body from a lucid dream and go "up". Useful places to visit like the human heavens are beyond the world of lucid dreams, but accessible from it. But in a lucid dream state, remembering to jettison anything is inherently difficult. Try remembering anything complicated in a lucid dream world, and the difficulty becomes obvious.

Would it not be far simpler to simply leave a heavy astral vehicle behind in the first place ?

Would it not also be more interesting to initiate Astral journeys whilst fully awake ?

Would you learn and remember more if you were fully awake ?

The approach we want to share with you is how to do Astral Projection in a way that gives you immediate access to higher levels and locations such as Astral Academy's.

Put it this way; our first job is to get you astrally travelling to your Astral Academy.


David McCready was trained astrally. The McCready & Associates team were trained astrally. Your destiny has a similar path. Once you are given basic training, an amazing duality exists. From any physical location, you just "park" your human body, let the energy state rise to a "normal" level (not the low Earth level one), and you can immediately be with your astral teachers. To attend college, you need to learn how to get there.

Astral Academy Courses

Depending on how you perceive the situation, there is either just one academy split into many branches, or many slightly different academies. Regardless, you will initially be directed towards an academy dealing with matters relating to human consciousness and the Earht Plane.

For simplicity, you could say that courses fall into 2 overlapping categories; physical and spiritual advancement.

Physical advancement includes; art, music, literature, engineering, science, medicine, and any physical activity.

Spiritual advancement includes; the human energy system, astral energies and beings, meeting alien beings.

See the astral "notice board" for further details.

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