Training Overview

Expert astral / spiritual training that gets you beyond the physical Earth


About The Greater Reality

  • You are experiencing an artificial world which is often described as the Earth Plane.

  • You are experiencing it through an engineered vehicle which is usually described as a human being.

  • You are not a human being, but something far greater..

  • Human beings have difficulty achieving their purpose.

  • You are therefore upgrading your human vehicle.

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Earth Training

How to transcend the Earth Plane

The Challenge

Spiritual awareness is the art of making proper use of the human energy system. But in 21st century urban societies this understanding became repeatedly divorced from everyday life.


> You potentially have access to excellent intuition, but do make the most of it ?
> When someone is ill, do you first look at the state of their energy system ?
> Do you interact with your guiding spirits whilst you do your job ?
> When you need to manifest a new skill, do you actively download more of that ability ?
> Do you use astral projection skills to explore past lifetimes in order to gain a better understanding of the recurring challenges you currently face ?
Do you wish you could ?

Why Progress Was Difficult

Deep down you know that you could probably do more and better, but progress has been slow for two main reasons:
1. The Earth energies, particularly in typical urban settings, would have tended to hinder spiritual awareness.
2. Up till now you were unlikely to have achieved access to the necessary training and techniques to overcome this.
Traditional spiritual development training in urban societies was generally incomplete, making astral projection, clairvoyance and mediumship very difficult.
Advanced spiritual awareness was previously something best done in the retreat of a secluded monastery, which has probably now ceased to function anyway. Similarly, techniques which would work well in a secluded environment, such as deep meditation are not effective on a busy street.
You need a more advanced approach to resolve these challenges.

You Now Need To

> Close the gaps in your understanding of what you have created and are therefore now experiencing.
> Use higher awareness techniques which reliably work in stressed urban environments.
> Restore the connection with your Guiding Spirits which in turn enables you to download support wherever you are.

Earth Training

Clients who have implemented our programme have consistently seen dramatic improvements in their:
> Work.
> Relationships.
> Happiness.
You are an amazing being that has chosen to experience the Earth Plane. We help you to restore your natural abilities.
Rediscovering the purpose of this human experience is something you ultimately have to do for yourself. Doing so will give you the drive and purpose you have been craving. You have already lived the alternative.
You are reading these words as part of your planned wake up programme. You now have access to advanced spiritual awareness techniques that have been specifically adapted to function reliably in an urban society.
As one truth seeker put it:
"Previously, spiritual development was like Tibetan Chanting, but Earth Training is Rock & Roll".

Training and Guidance Resources



Read the bestselling book The Great Simulator.

Puts the relevant information you need in one place.

No nonsense approach to spiritual development.

Based on universal knowledge.

Explains the important facts in an easy to follow format.

Download the first part of it for Free.

Find the rest of the titles in our book section.



Step by step higher awareness switch on.

You will learn how to feel the energies.

Your mind will see them.

You will communicate with your Guiding Spirits.

They will take you on easy astral training journeys.

You will be reintroduced to your Free Will.


1-2-1 Training

Fully optimised to accelerate your development.

Directed by your personal team of Guiding Spirits.

Harnesses your day to day practical challenges.

Get expert insights into what is occurring within your human form.

Have your mistakes corrected with instant feedback.

Available anywhere in the world.



Practice essential skills.

Meet very interesting people.

Share insights and energies.

Discover new abilities.

Have common mistakes corrected.

Advance with expert training.



Learn about the latest insights.

Implement new ideas and solutions.

Connect with the energies of like-minded souls.

Have the opportunity to pose your own questions.

Achieve new self-realisations.

Download new impetus and direction.