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Rapid easy learning approach




We have prepared a well tested video training programme that provides step by step instructions that make light astral projection work for you,



All spiritual activities are much easier to achieve when you work with your team of guiding spirits. The exercises in these videos reinforce and upgrade this connection.



Using a combination of your astral projection skills and teamwork with your guides, it becomes easy to see emeries and auras.

Earth Training

The earth plane you are experiencing is a challenging illusion to navigate. You can't get too far on your own. fortunately you have a team of guiding spirits who are there to help you through it.

These training videos are designed to astrally reconnect you to your support team of guides.

Watch This Video Which Explains Some Of The Basics :

Training Programme Video Summary

Earth Training 1: Breathe Properly

Breathing properly is an essential part of accessing higher awareness and hence Free Will. This is one of the most overlooked aspects of spiritual development, and one of the most vital. This lesson is the foundation for so much that follows.

Earth Training 2: Calm The Mind

Higher Awareness requires a calm clear mind. Traditional urban meditation practices make this occasionally possible in very calm secluded locations. The new standard you require is to be able to do this reliably and consistently in demanding, often tense, situations.

Earth Training 3: Connect With Your Guides

You are not alone. Although the behaviour of your human mind gives you the frequent impression that you are. In reality you are permanently in the company of an amazing team of Guiding Spirits, who are there to assist you. So interact with these friends.

Earth Training 4: Stop Imagining Garbage

To begin with, in the region of 99.9999.....% of what the human mind thinks and believes is either incorrect or complete garbage. At first, this observation might appear to be outrageous nonsense. The purpose of this training programme is to give your human form the ability to test this assertion, and what happens when you stop imagining garbage.

Earth Training 5: See The Real Energies

The Earth you are experiencing is a consequence of a living energy system. Everything you physically experience is there because of this energy system. Not the other way round. Every time you see the real energies driving the illusion of life on Earth you are experiencing, it inspires you to interact more intelligently.

Earth Training 6: Go Beyond Earth

So far you will have been practicing seeing the raw energies and beings in the Astral World around you. In this training session you will refocus your human consciousness elsewhere on the Astral. It's education to go beyond the traditional Earth Planes.

Earth Training 7: Pay Attention To What You Really Are

What are you really? Even though you are experiencing being a human, this does not make you one. It's often suggested that you are some sort of higher creative being. Check out the reality for yourself. Learning to redefine what you are changes the abilities you can manifest via your adopted human form.

Earth Training 8: What Is Really Going On

Build upon seeing what you really are, by actualising the fundamental purpose of the illusion of human life you are experiencing. In turn this helps you act out your illusory human existence with more purpose. The alternative is to just live out another repetitive illusory experience.

Earth Training 9: Downloading New Abilities

Your human mind will have often fantasised about downloading new skills and abilities. In this training session you take another important step in turning that fantasy into an everyday reality.

Earth Training 10: Introduction To Free Will

Human minds naively tend to believe that they have Free Will. This is because they have no experience of it and therefore tend to imagine that they have it. This session helps you begin to access real Free Will, and alter what you are experiencing.

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