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Breathe Properly
Breathing properly is an essential part of accessing higher awareness and hence Free Will.This is one of the most misunderstood aspects of spiritual development, and one of the most vital, This lesson is the foundation for so much that follows.

Breathing properly is a simple indicator that your human energy system is functioning well and your higher awareness available. This essential foundation to all spiritual development has up till now been largely denied to urban man. Be amongst the first to rediscover this extraordinary truth that has been well known be all non-urban spiritual masters.

Additional practical benefits of breathing properly:
> Reduces excess body weight.
> Gives you a flatter stomach.
> Better body posture.
> Calmer mind in stressful situations.
> Reduces allergic reactions.
> Hastens recovery from any illness.
> Increases mental ability.
> Increased fitness and stamina in sports.

There is no alternative........ you need to train your human form how to breathe properly.

Presented by David McCready the younger.

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