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Connect With Your Guides
You are not alone, although the behaviour of your human mind gives you the frequent impression that you are. In reality you are permanently in the company of an amazing team of Guiding Spirits, who are there to assist you.

The term guiding spirits is probably the best available match between written words and reality, however, it vastly understates what these beings are and the integral help they give you. Being aware of the presence of your Guiding Spirits significantly improves the capabilities of the human form you are presently experiencing.

Switching on higher awareness requires accessing new abilities. Your team of guiding spirits are experts in a wide range of activities. Their job includes downloading this expertise into your human form.

Developing a new working relationship is the only practical way forward and you will never look back. 24/7 Access to your personal support team awaits.

Presented by David McCready the younger.

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Frame Rate: 29.97fps = NTSC
Resolution: 640 x 360 pixels
File Type: mp4 iso v.2
Duration: Approx 1 hour per video
File size: Approx 350 Mb

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