In And Out Of This World

In And Out Of This World

By Jamie Burdette


It’s the 4th of the 3rd in ’21 and I sit looking at the trees; I can feel them and I talk to them. They make me smile, we are all excited by the emerging spring. I breathe more deeply, down into my belly and calm my body and system. I let the air flow through me and pay attention to it, I extend my feeling into the earth, down into the soil, across the root and fungi system, all connected, all one, separate whilst the same.

I gently slow everything down, thoughts, breath, awareness. I start by listening to the birds, they remind me this is an interactive process, I smile and thank them. My breath returns energy as much as it takes in a big circular system. At this point we are only really working on this plane, in this world, our earth as it spins through its solar system.

But as I feel the alignment starting, a different sense of being gradually lands on me like layers of falling silk. It slowly encases me in a loving embrace and an invitation to go further, stretch my consciousness out and let go. An intake of light, infused with colour.

I am not me, yet I am - how can this be, a me but not me.

If I wait, and calm further I can feel the energies beyond the earth, out into the solar system we share with the other spinning orbs in our dance around the sun. When I sit with my fire, and look into the heavens I connect with the energies from our close neighbours, Mars was particularly enjoyable the other evening along with a beautiful full moon. Everything moves all the time, in an endless flow; when we are still enough, that flow becomes us.

This is pretty much the visible known still, beyond this there is a whole other part to my human experience to yours to us all. A separate realm if you like, a different way to feel a whole, brilliantly expansive universe of energy. It’s there to play with, to explore, to enjoy. But unless you are taken to it and shown how to work it, it remains unknown and invisible.

So how on earth do we get off earth and into the astral world…

Well, to start with it is nothing like I thought it would be. My first encounter with the astral concept was at a party in the Wicklow hills in Ireland, a gentleman of interesting endeavours talked me through his experience, calmly and with lots of humour, it sounded fascinating and also scary. Will I lose control, what if I separate from my body, what if I never comeback, what if it’s all nonsense and I waste my time.

Back to today and those thoughts are all relevant - but hang on, I now know they aren’t ‘my’ thoughts; they are just thoughts.

And thoughts do not make up the man, the experience is the man, the journey, the path, the fun, the pain, the everything.

But it isn’t ‘you’ - oh no…the real you is out there, unseen by the physical eyes, it’s the ancient, always been there you that lives outside of our concept of earthly time and space. It is the celestial astral you - a higher self if you want to call it that. It isn’t higher though, it’s just you and this version, the one in the meat suit with a clock, a nervous system mirroring the tributaries of river systems and lungs that replicate the fibres of the trees. They are both incredible if we only just pay attention to them.

Humans are amazing, the intricacies of design unfathomably remarkable with whole ecosystems living within and on us and connected to us, giving us the life we need and share. It moves and breathes and beats and we can choose once we know - to either move around in it in the stupor of automatic control, wrapped up in constructs not of our making or we can take charge in a way we were always meant to.

So what is that control, well it’s only part control, it’s mainly relaxing, smiling and giving into the flow because there’s a whole team helping you to experience your experience.

We all just need to say hello, build the relationships and go work to find the purpose of our individual experience and what that truly is.

So who are they, this team.

Well, hold onto your hats, because this is where it gets challenging.

Who I really am, is a reflection of my true self experiencing a reality inside an illusion and if I choose to - I get to influence and create that reality so that my experience is as incredible as it can be.

And that ‘I’ is actually a we. A whole gang - coming in at the top, the bosses, the spirit guides, the ancient energies captured in forms that radiate love and knowledge and as their name suggests: guidance.

Everyone has their team, and they are supported by the lower spirits, the ones down here. These guys are vital, they kind of prop up the whole thing, they guide too but in different ways. These can feel negative in many ways, but only because the attention paid to them is blunt. Actually pay attention and the things they helping with are super useful and stop the crazy from happening.

I am at the start of my real journey - the new one, the one past the threshold, the one where you can interact with nature, feel it, talk to it, go out into the stars, view the planet looking back, spin round the other planets see what they are up to, beyond and crossing the other boundary, we can play in the past or future, not like memories and their associated emotions, but live, like they are happening now - just viewing them with a happy grin. 

The future, sure, we can play there, popping in and out of parallel versions, they can be good and bad, my favourite is parallel + the one I’m working towards in the this lifetime. 

And beyond that, a whole universe to explore with multiple versions of matter-based life in multiple stages of advancement.
Just different mixes of the same building blocks. 

Want to visit a future organic chemistry based planet, sure lets go and see what we can learn. 

It all starts with a reduction in fear and the curiosity to be open to a reality explanation that is not what you’ve experienced so far. 

With that curiosity comes an openness to explore.

Exploring gently, a few steps forward, a few steps back, sometimes going round in circles, till you feel comfortable to progress. Slowly nd gently learning the ropes, feeling the energy, trying it out. It will only ever be someone else’s words or teaching until you experience t.

This isn’t crystals and chakras, it’s not sitting in a cave meditating on the wrong thing and it certainly isn’t serious, concentration to get to ‘higher place’. It’s a giggling, joyous, higher energy vibrational state that simply allows you to become a receiver of the energy, invited by you, all the time co-existing with a free will that you are in command of.

And the first time it truly flows for you, life becomes very different.

The transition is tough, letting go of one thing and picking up another, rubbing out what you thought you were and accepting the new. Swapping a constructed nonsense illusory reality, the real crazy - for one of infinite possibilities.
Anyway where were we - the first step - curiosity.

The next one is calm.

Nothing happens without calm.

Calm is breath and the breath is what takes you to the receptive space.

Then it’s no more complex than realising the intellectual thinking that interrogates the experience is lower astral energies trying to protect you, but again bluntly.

When they are more relaxed and you are, they let up a bit, whilst still tethering you to the earth, the grounding.

And grounding is key.

Because as you learn to fly and pilot the craft that is your astral potential, you really don’t want to fly too fast or too far to begin with.
Little training flights are all it takes to slowly open your experience to the new one. Like little bites of a tasty apple.

So - curious, calm and grounded.

The three stool legs that you need to sit on and then you can take flight.

The flight, well that is pretty full on and super awesome, Eyes open, it connects you to your surroundings in a whole new elevated way.

Noticing nature more, and everything else on the earthly plane - feeling happier as you extend yourself into the energetic world within it - a whole new elevated way to experience your ‘normal’ reality. Now shifted to something much more fun and interesting.

Eyes closed, and you have opened yourself to other worlds, effortlessly, fear-free. Just fascinating and endlessly entertaining.

Before going into that lets just stay back here, on earth, in our lives, that’s the fourth thing. No wait fifth, the fourth is learning to fly and experience, but there’s a challenge here - it’s very easy to get lost in the joy of the experience, the fascination.

So go flying by all means and have fun but bring it back - that’s number 5.

Five - do something - do what? - dunno - hang on - it’s not just me any more - remember who you are.

This is the bit that never fails to amuse but is also deeply frustrating. The falling out of alignment, the stepping out of flow.

It’s not always there, but it is - but you don’t have to always be in it.

In fact if you stay in it you will get lost, or a version of lost.

But it’s fine, there is literally a switch and with practice, it becomes something to turn on and off.

Need that guidance we talked about - follow the steps and chat with the guides. Mine seem to like sitting or standing round a big ring like table that I am invited to too. It’s all very new and I need to spend more time there but they seem much happier now that the connection is stronger. That’s all they really want - to make the connections with the human experiences.


This tale is as old as earliest building blocks of our universe. The human version we are in, and our current time has still to learn so much of what energy really is - and how we can use it.

So, back to five, doing something. Four is flying, five is bringing something back to enhance your experience - otherwise what’s the point.

Listen to the guides, enjoy the chats, connect this to your own understanding, as you are you, that hasn’t changed it’s just you are now much more of a sensory observer and when attentive, a joyfilled rider of the experience.

Six - trust in the process. Still learning all about this but am now trusting and over the threshold, there is simple no going back and why would you.

There are three more levels - or elements to grasp.

The special effects team - a spiritual layer of reality designers that can help you create the reality you want - these guys are still a bit of a mystery to me as is most of it but I do now feel much more like there is a whole team in this other realm that we are constantly working with and experiencing.

The other two elements are the sub god energy which acts as a kind of universal consciousness and all knowing source to interact with and then….the boss of the whole thing - the source itself.

God knows where that comes from - so many questions still left, and so much fun to explore.

Finally there’s 7: return to who you are, remember who you are, breathe, connect, interact, explore, translate into reality, repeat.

So, here we are, a journey to fall in love with yourself as an ancient astral being, reflected on earth as a time based experience.

The game is to unlock as much of your old ‘self’ to learn how to play and engage with the astral energy. Your new you.

It isn’t an epiphany, a violent awakening, its a ride with ups and downs that circles back on itself, but if you keep going, keep open, stay curious, remain calm, its the only journey that makes the trip to earth worth while.

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